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the rules for cops
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29th Apr 2012

cops rules

1. Act like a cop

2. As a cop your job is to patrol the city

3. if you here an anyonomus tip saying hat something is going down
dont go to the crime scene and jus arrest every body park you cruzers
close to the place and start walking to the spot and act like a pedestrian

4.when your pulling someone over you cant ask him to stop all you can say is pull over but if the chase goes longer 5mins you can start shooting

5.when in a chase always call for back up

6.when you catch a robber they can not get in your car so on the robber side there will be a trusted prison transport
if you kill my trust the rules will have to change any ways the cops will be following prison transport

7.when your held hostage by a robber dont do anything stupid just chill and back up will be secretly onthe way
thats when the FBI,CIA,UNDERCOVER divions all come at once in undercover cars no sirens which means you drive normal
cars or bikes

8. if a robber is trying to make a deal with you dont just say no do the deal but bring back up for the arrest

9. cop dont try and be friends with the robbers unless there a informer for the cops from the robbers team

10.but you can friends with civillians, doctors,ect

11. your salary per day is 10,000

cop divisions

1.trafic patrol (WATCHING out for speeders)(you can drive a partol cruiser)

2. patrol officer (patrol the city)(you can drive a patrol cruiser)

3. sherrif ( city look outs for crime check main places in the game for crimes)
(charger the one next to the police bike & you can drive the police bike)
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Forum » cops » RULES
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